woogie fund PROCESS

the woogie fund selection process

The Woogie Fund Selection Committee is comprised of several experienced businessman and businesswomen, who are independent of The National Opera House.  They perform thorough evaluation to ensure that all aspects are taken into consideration in order to select the best candidate for the Woogie Fund.  Key representatives of  participating banks are also involved in the selection process.  

Woogie Fund Candidate Portal

When you complete the Woogie Fund application and submit your application fee, you are immediately placed in the Woogie Fund Candidate portal for review.


In a few instances, a number of The Woogie Fund applications may lack clarity. Our experienced personnel may contact such applicant(s) with questions.

Committee Review

A select number of experienced business owners on The Woogie Fund Team and a representative from the participating bank review each application to determine the winner.

Winner Announcement

Once the winner is determined, The Woogie Fund Team prepares a press release. The winner is announced on the Woogie Fund's website. We also announce the new grant on the day the winner is announced.